FREE Valentine Printable for Pen or Pencil Attachment

Valentine's Day is always such a fun and exciting holiday for my children. Watching their glowing faces as they list off all of their friends' names, and them seeing my proud mama smile as they talk about all the wonderful things they love about their friends - the joy just fills the air and it does indeed feel like there are hearts floating all around us!

As a family, we love to make our own cards and attach special surprises to them as well. But trying to find something fun, that's economical (we're talking multiple children in classes of 20+) can be challenging. I also like giving something that is going to be used - rather than that little toy or plastic ring that will ultimately end up in a landfill a short while later. Edible treats were typically my go-to, but with so many dietary restrictions in schools nowadays, I no longer go that route.

Festive pencils and pens are some of my favourite items for the primary grades, that work out to be the most cost-effective. And they also allow for some creativity to be had in attaching them to cards.

For preschoolers or kindergarteners, Play-Doh is a great option and also very economical. Head over to FREE Valentine Printable for Play-Doh attachment for more valentine's fun for the little ones!

When it comes to design, I prefer simplicity as to not overwhelm the eye. I also like to be mindful of solid colours when creating my templates, in an effort to keep ink costs low. There's nothing like getting halfway through your print job and receiving the dreaded "ink low" warning. And as most mamas can relate, this typically ALWAYS occurs after hours when the stores are now closed (and the night before you need them completed).

So low and behold, a fun FREE valentine printable for you and your kiddos to enjoy personalizing - and attaching some festive pens or pencils!

Step 1: Download the FREE printable below.

Valentine Printable - Just Write
Download PDF • 882KB

Step 2: Print enough sheets for your valentines (there are four cards per 8.5x11 sheet). I recommend using plain cardstock (available at Michaels in their EverydayValue collection). Plain paper will work fine, but will be a bit flimsy depending on the weight of the item you are attaching.

Step 3: Cut each card along the dotted line.

Step 4: Using a hand punch, punch two holes on either side of the arrows.

Step 5: Sign your name (ensure this is done BEFORE you attached your gift).

Step 6: Slide your valentine's gift through the holes, and voila!

Have fun... and Happy Valentine's Day!

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